September 18, 2019

Between September 20 and 24, Barcelona celebrates its biggest festival, La Mercè. These parties are an opportunity to rediscover the spaces of the city, observe year after year the evolution of a changing space, enjoy a range of free and diverse activities and be moved by a multicultural, innovative, active and modern space. You can check the program of activities at the following link: Barna Center as every year participates in these parties organizing a children's drawing contest well known to all the schools in Barcelona: the contestixix la Mercè. In each call the talented children of the city offer us their particular vision of these parties through drawing. This ... Read more

 Prepare the colored pencils! The 25th edition of the children's contest Dibuixem la Mercè is comming
Baixos de Protecció Oficial per Comerços CURRENTS EVENTS Baixos de Protecció Oficial per Comerços
May 14, 2019

El Districte de Ciutat Vella, en col·laboració amb Barcelona Activa, convoca per segona vegada el programa de Baixos de ... Read more

Ajuts Comerç de Paisatge Urbà CURRENTS EVENTS Ajuts Comerç de Paisatge Urbà
May 14, 2019

Les actuacions que subvenciona l'Institut Paisatge Urbà es centren en l'eliminació d'elements superposats a la planta ... Read more

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